Here in Savitaipale, we get to enjoy many different kinds of events all year round. You can find here some of the key events, that take place every year.

Savitaipale tour skating event

Tour skating event on natural ice has been a tradion in Savitaipale since 1998. Over the years, it has become one of the leading winter travel events in South Karelia. A natural ice rink is built on Lake Kuolimo in February and the rink is opened to the public in a two-day festive ceremony. After the event, the rink is open for public for as long as the ice will hold.

Location: On Lake Kuolimo, near the Olkkola Mansion and Olkkola beach

More info about the Savitaipale Skating Event

Midsummer bonfire

Midsummer Bonfire in June is a traditional Finnish celebration to mark the high point of summer. The bonfire in Savitaipale has traditionally been organized in the Hakamäki museum region. The event is open for everyone.

Location: Hakamäki Museum Area

Address: Paimensaarentie 10

“Sapassi” week

Sapassi Week offers a vast amount of events from sports to culture, from competitions to flea markets, and from musical performances to visiting farm animals. Something for everyone. Sapassi week is held in June and is typically the busiest week of summer in Savitaipale.

Locations: In many locations in and around town, e.g. the marketplace, Hakamäki Museum Area, Olkkola beach, town centres.

Hakamäki picnic

Hakamäki Picnic is a key part of the Sapassi week. You can listen to live music in the Hakamäki museum area and enjoy the great atmosphere in the open air. You can also bring your own food and drinks to the picnic.

Location: Hakamäki Museum Area

Address: Paimensaarentie 10

Savitaipale ladies open

At the turn of July and August, there is Savitaipale Ladies Open, professional tennis tournament run by the International Tennis Federation for female professional tennis players. The tournament is played on the Savitaipale outdoor tennis courts on clay. The prize money is 10,000 USD.

Location: Savitaipale outdoor tennis courts

Address: Savitaipaleentie 1