Here in Savitaipale, we constantly surprise visitors with our diverse indoor and outdoor exercise facilities. With its beautiful, varying natural conditions, its slopes and lakes, Savitaipale is a provincially valuable location for sports and nature pursuits. The municipality produces exercise services for all ages, on its own and in cooperation with various companies and associations.

Despite being a small town, Savitaipale offers countless possibilities to do sports, both indoors and outdoors. The sports options range from doing individual sports to training in sports teams and under the guidance of the many sports clubs in Savitaipale. You can choose from the more traditional sports like football and athletics, to the more soothing sports like gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. We also have an active club dedicated to organizing local harness racing events.

There are 5 main indoor sports venues: an ice hockey rink, a curling rink, a multipurpose sports arena, a tennis court and a swimming hall. Other indoor sports activities include e.g. basketball, volleyball, floorball, gym and dancing.

For outdoor sports enthusiasts, there are many outdoor excercise facilities, such as a football field, a tennis court and a beach volley court. During winter, we also have a ski track close to the town centre, which is turned into a jogging track come summer. The surrounding nature also offers excellent options for sports. Lake Kuolimo enables sports such as open water swimming, canoeing or fishing in the summer and skiing, natural ice skating and distance skating in the winter. There are also venues for paintball, parkour, disc golf, motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding and new school skiing, all close to the town centre.

The natural surroundings in Savitaipale also encourage one to go running, hiking, and mountain biking in the magnificent landscapes along the many hiking routes and in the forests. You can check the hiking and canoeing routes and destinations from the page Outdoor recreation.

The reputation of Savitaipale as a sporting municipality has been maintained by many nationally known athletes, such as former professional tennis player Jarkko Nieminen, biathlete Sanna Markkanen and former head coach of the Finnish national football team Jukka Vakkila,  as well as regional and national awards and recognitions. Now, we wish to raise Savitaipale into one of Finland’s leading sports, wellness and tourism locations among the small municipalities!


5 sports halls:

  • indoor ice rink
  • curling hall
  • sports hall
  • tennis hall
  • indoor swimming pool

Sport center, with:

  • local sports facilities
  • skatepark
  • New School skiing slope (Back Yard Park)
  • sledding slope
  • 9-hole frisbee golf course
  • artificial turf football field

Recreational opportunities also include e.g.:

  • volleyball and basketball
  • floorball and futsal
  • paintball and parkour
  • badminton and table tennis
  • swimming and canoeing
  • hiking and mountain biking
  • Pilates and yoga
  • gymnastics and gym training
  • horse racing
  • dancing